Virtual Consultation 

Make every day better

We understand that during this difficult time, the management of work injuries will need to continue. Ethos Health has the capability to manage workplace injuries via our Virtual Consulting Room software, to accurately diagnose and provide advice and exercises to support recovery without a hands-on assessment.

The benefits in the current circumstances include; 

Right Care, Time and Place 

Worksites can triage injured workers to receive appropriate care, guidance and support on suitable duties and return to work

Minimise social contact

Our Virtual Consulting Room eliminates social contact to reduce the spread of COVID19.

Cost effective 

Pay for the consultations as they arise with no travel costs.

Broadens services delivery hours

We offer out-of-hours services to suit our clients needs.

PhysiTrack App  

Our virtual consulting services also gives patients access to the PhysiTrack App.

How does it work?

  • 100% online system which only requires a stable internet connection and Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android, Samsung and Google phones or laptop with webcam.

  • To ensure security and confidentiality, we run our own dedicated video conferencing server hosted in Australia. All communications are encrypted and are not handled by a third party.

Ethos Health virtual clinic

How do you make an appointment?

Each site will have their own link and all they need to do is:

  1. organise an appointment by calling 02 4962 8700

  2. at the time of the appointment, click on the link provided and a Physio will be at the other end to consult with the injured worker.

Alternatively, provide the injured worker’s phone number and email address and we can arrange to deliver the consultation at a time that suits them - not just when they are onsite…8pm is fine!


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