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Staying active for fitness or management of disease and injury can be difficult. Ethos Health has the capability to support, manage and treat your medical condition, injury, or disease via our Virtual Exercise Physiology Clinic. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists can conduct one-on-one virtual consults to help keep you on track with your health and exercise goals.

The benefits include; 

Instant follow up 

You will receive a post-consult email summarising key points from your assessment, your management plan, and helpful resources for extra support, including the PhysiApp platform for exercise prescription.

Right care at the right time

Get an expert opinion on how exercise can benefit your condition, injury or disease and engage in an exercise program that meets your specific needs, in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

Completely secure  

To ensure security and confidentiality, we run our own dedicated video conferencing server hosted in Australia. All communications are encrypted and are not handled by a third party.

Health Fund Rebates  

You’ll receive an email receipt allowing you to instantly claim online from your private health insurer

Minimise social contact

Our Virtual Clinic eliminates social contact to reduce the spread of COVID19.


Our virtual clinic service also gives patients access to PhysiApp for exercise prescription (including instructional videos) and additional support.

What IT equipment do I need??

  • 100% online system which only requires a stable internet connection and Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android, Samsung and Google phones or laptop with webcam.

Ethos Health virtual clinic

How does it work?

It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Book an appointment by calling 02 4962 8700, or book online via our online booking system, specifying your preference to use the Virtual Clinic
  2. You’ll receive an appointment confirmation email, including a quick system test (so you know your device will work during the consult), secure payment portal, a unique-to-you link to the Virtual Clinic and some FAQ’s.
  3. At the appointment time, click on the link provided and your Exercise Physiologist will be at the other end.
  4. Following your appointment, you’ll receive an email with your receipt, consultation summary and additional resources

Click here to book an online appointment?

Click to make an instant booking !

What is PhysiAppTM?

Our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists can create specific exercise and treatment programs to support the prevention, treatment and recovery from injuries using PhysiApp.

PhysiApp enables our clinicians to securely and conveniently conduct remote consultations. Using seamlessly integrated and secure video consultations, our Exercise Physiologists can prescribe exercise and education with crystal-clear, fully narrated exercise videos. These are delivered straight to your smartphone or computer. Our patients then have the benefit of secure real-time messaging to stay in touch with the clinician should they have any further questions.


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